Deaf-Blind Awareness

Hello my readers!

June is Deaf-Blind Awareness month! To raise awareness, landmarks are usually posted blue.

Yesterday evening, June 9th, myself and another Deaf-Blind person, plus staff from Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility, which provides intervenor services in Vancouver, went to view the blue lights in downtown Vancouver as part of Deaf-Blind Awareness Month.

The five sails of Canada Place were lighted blue, and they really great! I’m sure you’ll agree! Enjoy this photo gallery!

Here are several pictures from a distance.

My friend took this one…

The following two are right below the sails on the Canada Place promenade, I too a few others, but my finger got in the way! No need to see that!

Shortly afterwards, I headed home, my feet were incredibly sore!

However, my friends went to two other Vancouver landmarks, BC Place stadium, and the other of the underside of Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant.

Many thanks to friends at Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility, BC Chapter of Canadian Deafblind Association, Canada Place, Port of Vancouver, BC Place, Top of Vancouver, and my feet!

Thank you for reading, sharing, donating and supporting Deaf-Blind awareness!

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