Ambition thwarted

Hey folks!

I am cleaning out an old binder full of notes and random points of banal interest, pointless ramblings and valid quotes. You know, a writers book of ideas and prompts…

And so, I found at the near the beginning of the book the following written note:


Call Sleep doctor (number redacted))

It’s kinda funny; I wrote “Writing Ambition” at around 10:30AM this morning, and now almost 11 hours later I come back to them.

This and that impede my plans – such is life of the unpaid undiscovered writer.

I NEED to write every day!

About a week later, I wrote:

Remember your goal – Ambition – to write!

I then continued to encourage myself my quoting Smash Mouth’s All-Star:

“You’ll never know if you don’t go,

“You’ll never shine if you don’t glow”

Further into the notebook I find another quote: this one from Chloe Merineau. I don’t indicate who this person is, or where I found her quote. I don’t even think it is a direct quote, weirdly, I might have paraphrased the ending…

Teaching to accept your self and who you are, owning your body and presence in a room is super important.

Yep, I definitely paraphrased that, can’t even find a decent quote page of her on Google. Maybe because there are two dots over the last e in her first name, I can’t figure out who to do that sort of thing, intentionally of course.

Maybe you can help me? Put on that deerstalker hat, grab some Scooby Snax, get some clues… Can you find where that Chloe Quote came from? Thanks a bunch!

All of the above was written between February and March of 2020. I only wrote down the date once. Then I “lost” the book, which is common for me. As I had two notebooks9.

Then, on July 11, 2020, I find the next blurb of encouragement:

Just write damn it!

The pen is not archaic yet, it has great purposes other than poking -I’m assuming that is what I wrote, it does look almost like puking- balloons or gathering dust. Please try to write something daily. You (as in me) have an interesting plot concerning dystopia, natural disasters and the Disabled Hero. I think you (again, as in me) are afraid to put it to paper because you (me again) feel someone might steal me ideas. I don’t know how to copywrite my stuff.

Turning to my works of fiction;

I still have 2 mysteries completed, 2 plots and 1 Disability Survival Plot.

My rough draft – and I mean rough draft, I’ve seen smoother sandpaper – works of fiction that are finished include:

1) Pinchback/Ballad of a Falling Man

I can’t agree on a title, character names, but the plot, climax, flashbacks, clashes, and everything else is complete.

2) Death in a wheelchair

Again, title and names are undecided… but the whole thing from start to finish has been completed…

I have an OLD plot that I wrote in 2000 during my Europe trip… I have a start, but I can’t seem to close it. Let’s just. say: a Cop becomes Deaf-Blind, and solves the crime that made him so…… now don’t go stealing my idea!

After watching and/or reading stories about dystopia, utopia and post-apocalyptical societies (waving to Margaret Atwood, Neo, and The Man in the High Castle, among others), I am constantly reminded, hell, who can overlook, the fact that no character has a disability.

What? Why is there no Deaf survivors in the Walking Dead? Is everyone in Zion able-bodied? Are the disabled persons the first to be annihilated in The Hunger Games? Are the disabled generally, or is it universally, considered ill-equipped to survive in a post-apocalyptical society?

Well, I beg to differ… and I am going to prove it.

This blog on ambition started out weakly, and finished strongly.

I want to let you know that I had a goal to finish at least one story before 2020 ended… and I did… the Pinchback/Ballad story is roughly, roughly, done. I need to go the next step to find a publisher, send the roughened draft, and see what happens. Who can help me?

Thanks for reading, sharing, liking, donating and talking about this blog!

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