Alcohol & ataxia

Hey everyone!

Before I used to drink a variety of alcohol quite often, beer, rum, tequila; I loved Gin & Tonic & Spanish Coffee, and Guinness Beer! My Dad introduced me to the Rusty Nail cocktail (Drambuie & Scotch Whiskey), yum! I’ve had Jack Daniels, I can still recall the taste, and headache! Oh yes, Vino Russo was my favourite drink during my nights in an Italian Hostel! (I better tell that story!).

Okay okay, enough…

Now I am a seldom drinker. Because makes my ataxia a lot worse!

I can make a tall-boy can of beer last an hour, sipping it from time to time. I never guzzle my beer.

And, I have noticed that many beers actually taste very similar to the taste of water. That is what my taste buds telling me!

Yesterday night I watched a 2020 Stanley Cup playoff game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Vegas Golden Knights. As a lifelong Canuck Fan, I watch their games whether they are good or bad! Last night’s game was a real nail-bitter, very intense with Canucks overcoming the Knights.

I had two tall-boy cans of beer during the game. Why? Because it was a game and I wanted to enjoy it!

Yet after the game ended, everything went downhill. My balance and coordination both went right out the door, got on a bus to the airport and took the first flight to Montreal! Both abilities deserted me! I could not walk straight, sit straight, talk straight, or think straight. I was very inebriated even after two cans of beer!

Now, I think I know why these two cans affected me worse than other times. And that it because I was not eating anything while I was drinking.

It is a proven fact that alcohol mixed with food takes longer to absorb than alcohol consumed on an empty stomach. There ya have it! I should have been munching on some munchies!

My fault!

By the way, my Balance and Coordination came back, I guess they teleported from Montreal to my bed sometime early this morning, which would explain my dream of breaking a chair onto my wife’s knees! Don’t ask, and I won’t elaborate!

So, that is how alcohol affects me… I want to know how alcohol affects you? My fellow Ataxians! Does the occasional Bloody Mary make you stubble and fall more? Does one Sex on the Beach (a cocktail) make you talk in an Australian accents that you were not aware you had? Does tequila straight up, make your fall straight down? Come on, share your stories, I want to hear!

Of course, Alcohol consumption could affect ANYONE in this manner! I am looking for Ataxians and Alcohol!

To close out this blog, I will stop the alcohol drinking! I am making a mad impression on my kids, one who has CAPOS! I better shape up!

Thank you for listening, reading, sharing, replying and donating!

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