Five-star disability

Hey readers!

Why do I call this blog, and my mailchimp, Five-Star Disability.

Well, I have five different disabilities: Cerebellar ataxia – Areflexia – Pes cavus – Optic atrophy – Sensorineural hearing loss.

These issues are a part of me, I cannot be without them! Don’t look for a remedy for me, I’m set in my ways. I do lead a positive life.

Both my hearing and vision losses are progressive.

About a decade ago, I could distinguish where a voice was coming from; or a sound. Now I can’t. Even 2 years ago, an electric shaver made noise on both sides of my head while I shaved. Now, there is a tiny buzz like a lost bee on the left side of my head; when I shave the right side the buzzing is louder, like three bees having a fight with a wasp. The wasp wins! These sounds are only evident when the shaver is less than an inch my ear, either hovering or pruning. If I move the shaver to the back of my head, I hear nothing, if I move it to the front, zippo.

And same with my vision: before, I could see pretty good, i could read my own writing. Now, I can’t make heads or tails of any writing, even mine! I need to use a digital magnifier to read my writing that I wrote 3 months ago! I also have more double vision and other fun stuff.

So, with five disabilities, and my innate positivity, I wanted to construe a powerful, positive and proactive name for my blog. And, if you want an amazing night in a fancy hotel, you’d probably want a five-star hotel, right! To hell that you can’t afford the full night, heck I couldn’t even afford to walk out with the bathrobe!

So, putting two together, I came up with Five-Star Disability!

Which is positive, yet adds a touch of mystery and a dash of opulence, while overcoming the Disability!

BTW, if you have CAPOS, or know of someone who has a friend whose brother in law’s cousin has CAPOS, please share this blog with them! It’s my goal to find as many people with CAPOS as I can find!

Be well!

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