Such a long break!

Hey everyone out there!

I hope you are all doing just fine! So much has changed, and then nothing has.

I feel that I am totally neglecting my writing and my blog. With this Stay at Home policy under COVID-19, I often lose my iPad for hours as I let my son use it. Then, I end up playing games instead of writing! My wife did not spend a boatload of money for me to master new levels on Candy Crush, but to become more productive!


Now, just today, May 21, 2020, I had my first actual physiotherapy! The appointment was conducted over Zoom meeting app, and it went really well! The physiotherapist gave me five different core stretches that I will be doing every day!

Tomorrow, my 52nd year of corporal existence, I have an appointment for Movement Neurology! And I am GOING there! I am not sure what to expect, but let you know the reason for this appointment is because I have been, for over the last five months or so, been experiencing pain in legs, in either thigh or femur, and especially my right ankle, which can seem sprained when it is not. I also have pain in my lower back.

Standing or sitting, I have this pain, if I sit for long, my body will fall whenever I stand up. If I lie down, that is probably the best, but then what can I do from that position!?

Last week, I woke up from a night’s slumber, took five steps and collapsed onto the floor! Luckily the stairs were not close by!

And, gosh! I wanted to blog about this: I have a urologist who requested a “Voiding Diary” which is the professional term for a Pee Chart! For three days I recorded my drinking intake and urine outtake. Fun! Especially the math afterwards, converting ounces to millimetres, and then adding it up. What did I learn from this experience? I drink too much coffee! This Doctor, and my neurologist, wants me to reduce caffeine intake… so now, after 8 PM only Decaf Coffee for me!

I think I mentioned before that my Sleep Study has been postponed until after COVID-19.

To everyone: stay safe, stay healthy, and stay away from me! I have a white cane, and I know what to do with it if you get too close to me! (Hint, it sounds like THWACK!)

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