Hey folks!

No I am not talking about that inane board game, but Dignity of Risk.

What exactly is this phrase? I’ll have you know it has a variety of definitions…

But first, I draw your attention back to the anecdote I wrote at the end of Old Town blog. Recall the story about the Blind Man who walked across the busy intersection in Maple Ridge. Why did he do that, instead of asking for help? As I mentioned there could have been a thousand of reasons for him to walk across the street, and into traffic, probably risking injury or even worse, just to get to the other side. I don’t know why he did that, but he apparently lived, because my Dad ran to assist him.

He took a risk, and he knew the outcome of the risk, injury if hit by a car, but he still took the risk.

That is the my definition of Dignity of Risk, let’s see if I am right!

Wikipedia has this information:

Dignity of risk is the idea that self-determination and the right to take reasonable risks are essential for dignity and self esteem and so should not be impeded by excessively-cautious caregivers, concerned about their duty of care.

I was right! A person, any person for that matter, knows that a specific behaviour is risky, but takes the risk.

This term is used quite a bit for disabled community;

  • Deaf-Blind individuals who fly solo is a very classic example
  • Blind individuals riding a taxi, can be overcharged because unable to see the meter, and need to trust the driver.
  • People with disabilities drinking heavily.
  • Cancer patients going against doctor’s orders by continuing to smoke

These are just a few that I can think of… Why don’t you send me some of your Dignity of Risk behaviours and I’ll make a list?

In today’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, there is a risk factor; people going out of their house, to work, shop, party or whatever, while some people are unaware or think they are immune to this virus and are not taking precautions. Both these groups, whether they realize it or not, are using the Dignity of Risk. They could get the virus, and get sick, and pass it on, or they could be lucky and not catch it. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Hopefully, all great minds and scientists of this world will be able to find a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, there has been some news on that front recently. Until then, I am not risking my immune system, which, due to my ataxia, handles illnesses differently. I’m staying put! But, no, I am not going crazy! Not yet!

Keep well and lets hear your Dignity of Risk analogies

Good day all!

PS, I might have changed a setting or something while doing this blog, if something is amiss, please let me know!

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