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Yesterday or the day before, I had a Facebook memory pop up on my feed: Well, I can’t find the exact post, but it goes something like this:

I learned two things today: that a walker does nothing for me when a pothole is encountered!  And screaming insulting words at the pothole will not make matters better, but it will scare away those who come to help!


About four years ago, one blustery cold, but not snowy, evening, I offered to go to the local Loblaws to pick up somethings, I know it was a Sunday afternoon, and four years ago is 2016, we were living in south Scarborough, off Kingston Road.  I can guess that I offered to go, to get out of the house, as cabin-fever was running high, especially in late winter!

I caught the bus to Loblaws, which is 6 or 7 stops from my house.  This was the easy part, getting there and shopping.  I got the stuff we needed, enough to fit snuggly into my walker basket.  After bundling up, means gloves, toque, zippered jacket, its Scarborough, probably -15… I walk to the bus stop and arrive there to consult the next bus app on my phone.  Says the next bus is in 30 minutes.  Which is typical for a Sunday; transit slow down to the max!

Instead of waiting 30 minutes in the frozen wastelands of a rural parking lot and a barely there bus shelter, I decide to walk home.  I could be inside my house before the bus even arrived!

I walked south, and then took a short cut, through side streets, to return to Kingston Road, shaving 10 minutes off walk if I had walked south on Victoria Park to Kingston.

As I am walking I am probably thinking about this and that, having random conversations with myself.  I definitely recall seeing a black blob on the sidewalk approaching, which I thought was, well, a black blob!

As I continue walking, I guess I zoned back to some hot discussion I was having with myself because the next thing I realized I am flying through space; my walker goes wheels-up, I crack my knee onto the cold hard pavement, my gloved hands are used, reflexively as brakes, and I skid to a stop!

I unleash some choice expletives, naturally!

I haul my walker upright, and snarl at the black blob which turned out to be a gapping crater in the sidewalk, probably due to freezing/thawing expanding of concrete that happens everywhere in Ontario, especially Sudbury!

I believe some people were rushing to help me, but because of my explosive response, they quickly decided against helping!

I checked my purchases, nothing broken, not even the eggs that I did not buy!

I walked home, told the wife, posted on Facebook, forgot the whole thing, had a game of Scrabble and went to bed, after fixing my bloody knee.

What happened?  Well, my vision is not great, and I saw a black blob ON the sidewalk, but it turned out to be a black blob IN the sidewalk!  That is Vision Loss for you!

Okay, I am overdue to leave for the day, but I need to update a few things: I’ll have a Donation Link or something in future posts, and I will be updating the blog itself!  Better accessibility and reading ease!

Thanks for your time!


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