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This word seems to be commonly tossed around… for many reasons… but what is it, exactly?

Well; after looking at one website, I can tell you that it is a general term, that can, probably, be used with everything connected to the body & mind…

That one website indicates that Neuropathy is, basically, nerve damage; the website expands that to include: dysfunction, pathology, irritation, disease or damage.

Obviously, Neuropathy can be applied to almost anything, which I just said. However, there is really only some many areas.

I bet there is quite a few neuropathies found in me… or there could be just one… I feel special either way! I’ll explore those later…

I want to blog about ANSD: Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder.

This term is what the Audiologist thinks I may have, my deafness. ANSD, according to another website, refers to problems in the transmission of sound from the ear’s innermost part (the inner ear) to the brain. What I understand this means is: the sound is heard, but due to neuropathy (remember: Nerve Damage!) the brain does not receive the sound as what it is, but as white noise.

Take for example: I’m at McDonalds right now, I bought a cup of coffee, I verbally ordered this. The cashier replied to me, probably saying “Sure.” or “Did you want anything else?” I did not reply to anything, but instead showed her my ATM card, which concluded the transaction. I bet she said “$1.05 please” and “Thank you” but not “Snack you”. I did not hear anything at all! The room was not very busy, or it was, I am Deaf!

Perhaps ANSD is what my son has, and if so, he might be a good candidate for a Cochlear implant… Because he is still young enough to capitalize on his hearing. I am going to bring this up at his upcoming Hearing Test…

Thank you for reading!

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