Another angry moment!

Hey everyone!

I am tired of apologizing for a blog, then a big long span before the next one! I have things to say and I will say them! Whenever I like!

Just now, I got very angry at myself, actually it happened twice within 5 minutes.

What made me angry? Let me tell you, I dropped the same thing three times in about 30 seconds! I wanted to hurl that thing across the room, being so angry! But, knowing my aim, and the new 55′ TV in left field, I couldn’t throw that thing!

That was the first angry moment. The second was totally irritating and totally avoidable, totally!

I was trying to take a picture of that thing to post on facebook. Good shot first and second time, then I decided to get a zoomed shot; so I’d line it up, pinch-open on my iPad, focus, touching… selfie button to flip to self camera. First two times I was like, alright. Third time is the charm they say, right? Not for me! That third attempt to take a picture in zoom, I touched selfie cam, which flipped camera, and then I activated some inane feature that I couldn’t figure out what it was for, and couldn’t get back to normal camera… I was flabbergasted; “What the bleeping bleep!” and “You bleeping idiot!” came out of my mouth in rapid succession! I also let go of the iPad, which dropped to the carpeted floor, wrapping itself in its case! You’d think I was mad at someone who defrauded me of much more than an inability to see the difference between the self-cam and the take-a-picture icon on my iPad!

The fourth time, I lined up the shot, but again selected selfie-cam, which is right above the take-a-picture icon.

The fifth time, I finally lined the shot up, found the picture icon by putting something black behind the image so I could mark it, then moved iPad back to image, and, with thumb hovering over the picture icon, finally took a shot!

Here is the image:

Did I drop that thing because of areflexia, or did I not see the camera icon clearly? Or was I just be stubborn and annoyed?

This sort of thing happens too often!

Any now for something different; its snowing again! Booo!

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