Hey there!

It seems that I am writing one blog and telling you all that I will do another shortly!  But but the darnedest reason, I fail to come back for a long time!

I am sure that my Write & Leave-you-hanging approach is not a desirable way to increase readership!

I’ve got a zillion and 3 stories or comments to tell you about!  And I will!  Damn it!

Well, I better get into some sort of habit!  I have a new iPad right, and soon I will have a proper case with keyboard attached… Maybe *that* will get me to blog at every opportunity!  Oh and adding data to my phone so that I can hot-spot the iPad.

…And so…

Recently here in Vancouver, BC, we had two near-strikes with transit workers.  One for bus drivers & maintenance workers and the other for Skytrain workers.  Both unions threatened to shut down all services in order to get their demands met.  And it worked!  Eleventh hour bargaining does work!

I am bringing this up because, as a person with multiple disabilities, I need to get around on Transit… I do not have an vehicle available, nor do I have anyone to drive that vehicle if it were available!  And, I am not the only person who travels by transit everyday!  Many others do: high school & post-secondary students, people without cars, vision impaired persons, recent immigrants, tourists, people charged with DUI, rock stars, people with severe disabilities, etc etc…

Did you notice the Rock Stars in the list above?  I put that there to draw your attention to something… While many people are not using transit for a variety of reasons.  The people with cars are probably not going to deign themselves to get on transit… They can hail a cab, or call a limo, or drive their Benz, Kia or Focus. (I first said affluent, meaning rich, people, but that is being judgemental! Not everyone makes a boatload of money!). My point here, and especially during a an El Niño rainfall here in Vancouver, please consider the people standing in the rain waiting for a bus! Send them warm vibes, an umbrella, a Double-Double. Try not to speed by them, hydroplaning them, drenching them with a wet waterfall.

I know I can’t see inside a car driving by, or even sitting still, so I can’t see you smiling or laughing at us people waiting outside… but the thought of your concern really warms me up.

This blog has a weird vibe, and I am just typing as I go… if you are offended by this blog, please send me a note and we can work out some agreement (a payment plan, perhaps!)…

I was sitting here, and thought, why not do another blog? Yeah, I’m really enjoying my new keyboard and iPad!

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