Uncontrolled anger

Hey everyone!

is it me or does everyone else with ataxia get angry at themselves when something happens unintentionally?

Let me elaborate several situations:

  • Stair climbing: About two weeks ago, I was coming upstairs from my basement and raged at myself for stepping up, then stepping down on the first step.  This seems very weird, but I also nearly toppled over!  I raged and insulted myself!  I had to do a “hairpin” turn to go up the stairs.  I could offer myself a solution (hot damn, I am a self-starter!) to stop and “realign” my body before I go up the stairs.  Because I go around the corner and start go up, so I better stop and take a second to consider the holes in the wall before I start to climb.  That would solve that rage, but what about…
  • Front porch: I have countless times tried to enter my house with grace and dignity of a home-owner, yet to befuddle myself just walking up the front step!  I would walk up at my usual pace, and then, not stopping, raise a foot to place on the step, and then I might tip that way or lean that way?  Why?  I didn’t turn or anything like that, I just raised my foot.  Could that action actually cause my equilibrium to say “Screw you!” and leave me!  Perhaps I should stop and consider the front door before stepping up?  I’ll try that!
  • Dropping butter: Turning to a different subject, earlier this week I insulted myself when I was adding margarine to my son’s instant noodles.  The knife was cold, and I scooped out a dollop from the tub, but instead of going into the hot pot, the margarine decided it would be better on the floor!  I raged a bit, and took out another dollop, this time it went in the pot!  I’ve done the same time with margarine not going into the frying pan, but the glass-top stove, when I did eggs.  Why does it do that?  Did I miss or forget something from home-ec classes I took almost 35 years ago?  Margarine seems to have a mind of its own, but that is nothing compared to…
  • Dropping a knife: One day in early October, I was home alone and making something to eat.  I can’t recall exactly, but apparently I dropped the harmless knife not once, or twice, but four times!  If I were to look back at that day and see what I was making, I would tell you that I can’t remember!  Was it even a knife?  I could have been a spoon?  But what befell (pun intended) was my rage!  On the fourth time, I was so annoyed and upset with myself that I smashed the blameless utensil into the cupboard with enough force that I had a reminder of the assault for several hours!  The cupboard did not cry, nor did the utensil… I went on with my day!

I’ve been known to hurl things: be them utensil, pens, my phone, a remote, brooms, hammers (watch out!), the mouse to my laptop (BTW, I can’t find it now!) and other things, because I cannot get them to function in the manner they are supposed to.  Or perhaps it is “Make Craig Rage” day!  Why does this happen?  Does it happen to you?!








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