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suspectWhile it is reasonable to be susceptible of the lone male loitering around elementary schools, pools, playgrounds and other such places with children tend to play.  Be wary of that guy!  Take a mental picture, remember anything particular.  It is common sense, right!

Here is a fictional account from a Mother’s point of view; she notices a Lone Male Loitering at the playground of her daughter’s school, its a running inner voice dialogue.  … hydro bill paid off… what’s that guy doing over there?  He looks unsure of himself.  Okay, he’s wearing a purple hoodie, he didn’t say anything when I talked to him, just gave me a thumbs up, he has a white cane, he has green shoes… Wait, he has a White Cane?!?  That means he has vision loss.  Maybe he is in the wrong place?  He’s still not saying anything, oh he stumbled, and almost fell!  He’s been drinking!  Now the mom is very concerned and starts to approach this Loitering Male, White Cane or not, he is drunk!

It is at that exact moment when the school bell rings and kids fly out the doors like their desks are on fire.  The mom makes a mental note of where the Loitering Male is and looks for her daughter.  When Mom finds her girl she turns back to see Loitering Male gesturing to a boy who replies in same manner and together the boy and Dad walk away.  Mom thinking again So, he is a Dad, and apparently Deaf too?  Weird.  But should I alert someone Dad is drinking?  None of my business… wow, that is very blond haired girl… And away she goes.

Do you see what happened here?  The Mom couldn’t communicate with Dad, so obviously assumed that he in the wrong place.

While this did not happen to me, I have many times been in school yards waiting for my children.  I don’t talk to anyone there, can’t hear them, so why bother.  I am pretty sure that at first, people would be cautious, because its quite common to say “I’m picking up my son” to the nosy Mom, and she’d reply, “Me too, what grade is yours in?”  As if it expected to have casual conversations with total strangers.  Being Deaf-Blind I can’t hear, or lipread…

I will close out by saying that I have had people asking me: “Is that your son?”  Of which my standard reply follows like “Sure, is that your natural hair, or are you wearing a wig?”  They usually shut up at that!

Just because a person is Deaf-Blind with ataxia, does not mean they are single, childless, and living on social assistance!

Be good y’all!

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