Hey everyone!

Things are getting back to normal!

Kids in school, daddy back to being busy with Deaf-Blind Planning Committee (I am chairperson) and lots of other fun stuff!

This week I was in and out of the house, zoom zoom!

Yesterday I took my son who has CAPOS to get his hearing tested.

While I try hard to focus on the boy, I am often overwhelmed to compare my own issues with his current issues.  Is that wrong?

Yesterday we were discussing about how his hearing fluctuates, goes up and down, and that I can understand because I do remember from my early years how I could hear perfectly in one place, but nothing in another.  Background noise was discussed and yes I can understand that.

We also discussed his speech, which is good, but if in noise area can miss information.  This implies Processing Delays.  Now I clearly understand about this, my wife blasts me often about it!

Image result for hearing aid devices 1980s child

We also laughed when talking about how technology has zoomed in lightyears, I remember, but never used, old hearing aid devices that were strapped to the chest of the boy or girl.   We laughed at that because that device was torture, I am sure!  Torture for the kid to walk around with big shiny “Hey look at me” sign across their chest!  And Torture for the parents or teachers who would probably fight the kid for a length of time trying to get it ON!  Did the device work?  Probably, but maybe not!  Thankfully that device is long long long forgotten!

Here is a picture if you are not aware!  The girl seems to be smiling, but that could because she might have had an KitKat!

But, returning to my topic…

As I said, I often compare my own schooling, hearing or vision loss, with my son’s.  And sometimes that can meander off topic – as shown above!

I remind myself that my son’s appointments are his, not mine!  Recalling and comparing can help me remember important information NOW.  So it might be a good thing… getting carried away is not!

I’d love to hear from you regarding these old school hearing devices, if you wore them!  Let me know!

Have a good day!


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