Getting to Winnipeg!

Hey everyone!

To start the CDBC blog series, I must inform you HOW we got there!

We, myself and three Deaf-Blind friends, had a minor set back!

We each arrived at the airport in our own ways, and speedily went through check in an through security.  No problems!  We did not have intervenors, but the airline did know that one person, myself, was Deaf-Blind.  My wife called and confirmed the day before.

After going through security we had about 90 minutes to wait.  Three of group grabbed Starbucks, we proceeded to the gate to wait for our flight!  My friend informed me that our plane was at Gate 16, then pointed out that gate while walking to Starbucks.

With coffee and food in hand, we returned to Gate 16 and proceeded to wait.  We chatted and talked about what to expect at camp.  We were all excited!

I was somewhat concerned; I kept checking my ticket and the time on my phone.  The ticket said boarding starts at 8:55, it was 8:45 and no one was manning the check in kiosk.  5 minutes later, still no one.  I think we were assuming the plane was late or delayed.  Finally agents showed up at Gate 16 at 9:10.  So it was delayed.

We four proceeded to the queue and stood in a very obvious place so the agents could see four Deaf-Blind people, one with a walker.

At 9:30, we were summoned to start boarding the plane.

My ticket was scanned first, and the agent handed it back and pointed to the left.  Being Deaf-Blind, I could not understand what he was talking about.  My friend showed her ticket and he also pointed to the left!

Something is wrong here!

My friend spoke with the agent and, I am assuming, she could lipread him or understood him better than me.  She said, in ASL, “Gate 16 is over there!”  We all hurried to Gate 16 to be dismayed that the plane had already left!  Without us!

We had been waiting at Gate 15!

After a few minutes of panic, we calmed down and went to the Service Desk, and proceeded to figure things out!

We got seats on the next flight to Winnipeg and went directly to that Gate, arriving and confirming the gate.

One thing that I do many times when flying alone is walking right up to the monitor behind the kiosk to read the information listed there.  Doing this ensures I read the information, and then I know I am in the right place.  I do not know Why I did not read the monitor this time… maybe because I was out of practice, not flying solo for a long time!

Anyways, we made our second flight and arrived in Winnipeg just in time for dinner!  Phew!  And meet with many new & old friends!

Next up, The Zoo…




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