Airline denies rights for person with disability

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I’ve been doing too much of advocating and not enough of writing!  Which includes blogs and stories!  Writing seems to be my main skill that I can do with aplomb, and that people really like!  Heck, I could get famous, and get paid!

20 years ago I wrote, in minuscule single-line writing that I could not imitate today, a story of Maxwell.  This story has been on my mind since, I  typed it up once, but never completed it.

I’ve also noticed that everyday, I’d open the browser, open the WordPress blog and then do advocacy work for the rest of the day, only at ten to 3 would I remember the blogs!  That will end…

Now, my new schedule will be; Writing on Mondays and Wednesdays, Advocacy on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, without anymore adieu…

As a person with Disabilities, Deaf-Blind being more prevalent, I’ve had a few issues when flying, but nothing like this man below!

This man was truly prepared; you’ll notice, if you read the article that he printed and brought with him IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules regarding flying with batteries for his scooter.  Yet the security at the airport and the airline both ignored these rules and took his batteries!

And the response from the agent was nonchalant, safety focused.  Imagine if an able-bodied person had to fly without their glasses, or their hiking boots, or were forced to leave behind their laptop?  On a grosser situation, which won’t happen unless the world went Into the  Badlands, an able-bodied person could not fly without their left hand.  They’d not get it back upon landing, but still.  I did say grosser!

Sorry, getting back to the article:

I am glad that this person went ahead and filed Human Rights Complaints!  The amount of money the airlines (there are two incidents) offered this man is not even close to the loss of dignity and self-respect this man had to endure!

Here is the CBC.CA article!

Amputee forced to crawl after United Airlines, airport security confiscate scooter batteries

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