Hey everyone…

So, I’ve found some new CAPOS people, and, I’m not sure if that increases the number of CAPOS individuals worldwide, or Craigwide? As I am finding new people and new information about CAPOS. My knowledge continues to grow!

My lovely wife found a CAPOS family in Isreal! Maybe there is more than 29!

My wife tells me there are different stains of CAPOS? What? I hope that we can all CAPOS people worldwide can get along without bickering!

Like… “I’ve had CAPOS my entire life!”

“Good for you!”

“How do you deal with dropping things?”

“I don’t drop anything,” said the man as he picked up his phone off the floor, “I am a gravity specialist!”

That just popped into my head while sitting at a Tim Hortons doing this blog! Amazing!

Anyways, the above dialogue was supposed to be two CAPOS individuals arguing about who’s worse off with CAPOS, or who is better… Nevermind…

I wanted to discuss about headbanging, which is a precursor to falling.

And, no, I am not talking about Heavy Metal headbangers for the 80’s!

I’m talking about hitting your head on something that you don’t see or that popped up out of nowhere!

This can happen to anyone:

  • Guy hits head on a 2×4 that he didn’t see
  • Woman breaks her nose walking into a door.
  • Guy hits face on vacuum tube that he did not see. (That was a true story that happened to a Deaf-Blind friend)
  • Girl has a dent in her head because the coffee table hit her. Maybe the coffee table didn’t like all the candy wrappers left on it?

Oh you get the picture. These things are common enough!

However, I wonder, how can I bang the back of my head on a door frame? Or a wall? I do this with grace and aptitude, sheer panach! I doubt, highly, that this unique innate ability can be reproduced by any of my favourite actors: Woody Harrelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron, or even Rowan Atkinson. I’m inimitable!

Oh gosh, blogging is so much fun, and I’ve lost the point of this article!

Banging of the head, usually, throught not always leads to falls. And that can be preventable!

I need to have professional assessment to help preventing these nasty bumps and falls! I should have a Occupational Therapist! One who can help smooth out issues…

I could also take a Fall Prevention workshop like the one here.

I do want to point out, I did not read the full article. And that is because the because the training seems to focus on ol individuals. Hello! Falling down is not a Senior Issue, it can happen to anyone at any age!

(Stepping off soapbox, and falling gloriously)

Thank you for listening!

Have yourself a fun day!

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