Store discrimination

Hey folks!  How are you doing?

Have you been shopping at grocery stores that require you to Bag your own purchases?  I am sure there are a few different brands, the ones that I know of are No Frills & Food Basics.

If you have shopped there, or other You Bag stores, I am sure you packed quickly and left speedily.

A person with disabilities can bag quickly, while others can be slow.  It depends on the persons arm strength, flexibility, balance and such.  I am no scientist, I do know that each person with a disability is different and has their own limitations.

So, why am I shocked to read a CBC article that a explains about a No Frills store in Alberta that  banned a disabled woman from the store just because she bags her groceries at a very slow rate?

This is outright discrimination!

I cannot comment anymore without bringing up Deaf-Blind shopping, and the Check-Out is an issue worth of its own blog.

In the meantime, please check out the article!

Good day!

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