Get your hands off my walker!

Hello everyone!

Do you like it when people grab your arm on a crowded bus?

Would you be upset if someone slapped your backside on a subway?

Are you going to let a stranger grab your baby’s stroller?

Would you be happy if someone casually stroked your cane while sitting at a bus stop?

I Image result for don't toucham pretty sure you would not approve of any of these misdemeanors, and you’d likely be dialing 911 or alerting security really quick.  Right?

It is an invasion of your personal space, right?

So, why does everyone seem to think that grabbing or holding my walker is appropriate?

I do not mind short grabs when on crowded buses, or when turning corners and person is off balance.

I’ve had people use my walker as an armrest quite a few times!  Excuse me?  The walker is part of me, it is not a piece of furniture.

I am sure this is the same situation for people who use wheelchairs and scooters.  And it also concerns persons who have service dogs.  The wheelchair, and service dog, are an extension of the person who uses them.  Especially service dogs!  Do NOT pet them, at all!

Thank you for listening!

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