Hidden symptoms of Rare syndromes

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My wife, I love her dearly, sent me a link to an amazing article on Hidden symptoms of rare syndromes.

And remember, I do have a very rare syndrome: only 34 people worldwide are documented with CAPOS.

Rather than putting the link at the top then having you, my faithful readers, click out to read that blog, I am going to highlight some things here!

The Blogger mentioned that they polled a large number people with Rare syndromes, and came to some discoveries:

  • 36% said they struggle with apathy or lethargy…

My take: With apathy, which means a lack of interest or concern in things happening in the immediate time and place,  Yes I can, and often do, appear to zone out of what is happening around me.  That could be from my inability to Hear and See what is going on, but more so, what is being said.  Being Deaf in a hearing family, I rely a great deal on the better of my two distant senses, vision.  My hearing is non-negotiable, I couldn’t hear a firetruck… oh wait, I’ll blog that in a minute…

So, anyways, I do feel I have a level of apathy.

With Lethargy, which is a lack of energy or enthusiasm, oh yes, I do have this.  I would sit reading news on my phone, playing Candy Crush (just blasted level 1560), and other useless pastimes, but never getting anything done on my blog for days at a time.

I don’t seem to have any ambitions anymore, or personal goals!  (Other than reading the Bible, which I just passed Jeremiah 10).  I am always saying that I want to go back to University, back to they rigorousness of studying some fascinating topic.  In doing so, that would beat the hell of out that lethargy.  There are two things stopping me: Costs and Costs!  But, on the plus side, I only have to wait 15 years and then I can go finish my Masters for Free!  (At least, that is what I hope!)

On returning to the Hidden Symptoms article:

Damn!  The site is down, being worked on!

Okay, I am going to publish this now, then will do another blog with the link to the Hidden Symptoms when it is back up!

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