Standing up for disabled persons

Yes, this is will be a thought-provoking blog…

I am talking about Offering your seat for a disabled person on public transit.

When I use either my white cane or my walker, almost everyone will offer me their seats.

Yes, with my ataxia and balance issues, standing on public transit can be prone to falling!  Especially in Vancouver’s hilly, bendy, jumpy and crazily un-flat geography.  Sitting is always better.

And, yet, sometimes I don’t want to sit down.  Standing on public transit can improve strength  and muscle tone.

So, if you offer me a seat and I decline, please don’t be offended.  I might be going only two stops.

Besides, sitting down for long periods of time can tend to lead to me being more out of sync, more dropping things, more legs going that way, more prone to falling.

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