Deaf-Blind shopping

This blog is about food shopping and a Deaf-Blind person without an intervenor.

To make matters easier I will call the Deaf-Blind person Greg.

Greg is low vision, profoundly deaf, preferring to use close range ASL, with tracking at times of darkness.

He is a father of two, with a lovely with.  Currently the family is low on a lot of food stuffs.  The wife makes a list, using a Sharpie of course.

He heads to the closest grocery store.  He grabs a shopping cart and starts shopping!

First, fruits and veggies:

Bananas check, easy to find, bright yellow!

Oranges check, also easy.

The list says a salad in a bag, okay, over there, lets grab that one, it even has a 50% off sticker on it!  Good deal!  Tosses in cart

Cucumbers, check.

Next on the list is lunch meat.  Where is that… lets walk, meat, meat, oh there it is… lunch meat, Which will his kids eat?  Oh, yes, they like HAM!  Grabs one and tosses it in the cart.

Next, whoops!  Bread, missed that, gotta go back to the produce area… got some, toss it in.  For the lunches!

Okay, now tricky stuff, next on list is very specific gluten free rice crackers.  Cruising the aisles.  Not this one, walking full aisle.  Okay, found the Crackers.  Now, must look for that specific brand.  Examining from top to bottom, all 5 shelves, slow work.  While Greg is searching, two other customers zoom by and grab what they need.  Phew, not easy for Greg to find the specific crackers.  Then finally, there!  Yes, those are the right ones.  Getting off his hands and knees he tosses the box in the cart.

What is next on list?  Lactose free sour cream.  Okay, Greg knows where that is… in dairy section he is now looking for sour cream and looks all types.  Darn, can’t find.  So, he approaches a shelf stocker, who leads him to a different area… and at that time he notices it is a very fancy brand, not the usual brand.  But it says Lactose Free!  Okay, tossing it in cart.

Okay… That should be all… could checking list, check check … Shoot!  Missed a few cans of soup… Heads back, grabs some Chicken Noodle.  Greg has become a tad frustrated because he has spent about an hour in the store already looking for 10 items, while others zip in and out in 10 minutes!

Finally, all things are checked off the list.  Greg grabs a chocolate bar, “My wage” he mutters to himself.

The bill comes to $49.51.  Of which Greg is unaware of, yet pays.

At home, the wife unpacks the bag and thanks Greg for shopping, then mentions the Salad has expired!  And the Sour Cream cost $11.29!  And the soup is not the right kind!  And the oranges were overripe.

Greg becomes hostile and sulks while watching the Vancouver Canucks lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  His mood did not improve.

Now, did you notice a few things?

  • Greg did not check prices, he just grabbed and tossed.
  • Greg did not compare generic to brand items.  Generic is usually cheaper.
  • Greg paid the bill, but was unaware of the prices.  The print out screen was  impossible to see because it was close to the till.
  • Greg did not consult expiry dates.
  • Greg was on the dirty floor looking for items.
  • Greg is not a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

Greg spent an hour and 15 minutes in the store, almost 50 bucks, and got several things wrong or expired.  You can understand why he was frustrated, at people who shopped quickly, at the prices, at the lousy Canucks.

I will retell this story when Greg uses an Intervenor!


















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