Is life fair?

Hey now, is life fair or unfair to you?

I can’t tell about your life, as everyone has their own troubles and issues!

Some things in my life I feel are unfair.

  • I cannot work a traditional job to collect a bi-weekly income.
    • This is due to my complex and unique disability of CAPOS
  • The only government support I qualify for is federal Long Term Disability, of which I am grateful to have.
  • I am also super grateful that my wife works a very good full-time job with benefits!
    • These two facts make it out of the question for me to qualify for provincial Persons with Disabilities (read Welfare).  My Long Term Disability is already higher than single person welfare, plus my wife’s income and benefits make it silly for me to try to get welfare!

Yet my family is constantly experimenting with new ways of being frugal.

I know we are blessed to have my wife’s job, my Long Term, and also Child Support.  All that together is quite a bit!

I started this blog to show you that I feel my life is unfair.

And yet, there are many families with both parents out of work, or between jobs, or in jail, or on a bender, or just out of luck. There are many single parent families with parent working two jobs to sustain the family.

In other words: why am I ranting about my inability to work because of my unique disability? The struggles my family is facing is common to millions of other families around the world!

Be positive about the struggles you face on a daily basis! You, and I, maybe can’t change the reasons behind the struggle, but we sure can do the best of our ability to be the best we can be!

Like and Share please and Thank you!

God willing, I will do the best I can with what I have!

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