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My youngest son will be 7 in another month.

He has come a long way, and will go a longer way, since I cut his umbilical cord that sunny Sunday afternoon in July!

I was Stay-at-home Daddy for both my sons, but the youngest was, and still is, sometimes a walk in the park and sometimes a real challenge!

While the older son is more adept at signing with me, the younger boy struggles.

But he finds different ways to communicate with me.

About two months ago, I noticed that, for two days straight, he did not touch the sandwich I made him for lunch.  I was upset because that as a waste of food!  I blew up, yet he made a sandwich. “What are you doing?” I  demanded, he kept working on the sandwich.  Not saying or signing with me.  I was exasperated!  Then, as he walked away with his sandwich, I realized that he *was* communicating with me, and showing me how he wants his sandwiches!  Since then, I have made them that way and he eats them!

The youngest son likes to be more active, he is good at sports and taekwando, my older son is not into sports.

Many times my youngest and I would create different fun games outside or inside.  He can go on forever!

Yesterday, he really wanted to play badminton with me.  I told him, using signs, that I can’t see that birdie.  He went to my wife and said “Daddy can’t see the birdie, I will find something that he (me) can see.”  So he found a green ball and we did try that!  What fun!  But he spent more time running to get the ball than actually lobbing it!

Both sons are becoming more respectful and more signing. Last week Thursday, I took my oldest son to a specialist appointment.  This time, he ignored his electronics and watched the traffic while we bused across Vancouver!  He kept spotting cars, old, new, expensive, ugly etc, and pointing them out to me!

And when we were on a different route, a transit person asked me if I needed help, my son interpreted that to me!  I signed “No thank you.” Maybe my son told the worker.

Both sons have become more respectful to me and my limitations!

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