Asking the right questions

A gripe if you will allow me to rant…

A few days before Christmas 2017 (Yes, I am behind!) I went to an open late drug store to get my son’s prescription filled.

I did, whoops, forget to bring his health card, and my passport.  But, I thought, as I was in line, I am just dropping the ADHD prescription off.  No big deal, right?  Ha!

The pharmacist logged the Rx into the computer, and asked me for identification.  The only credible ID I had was my CNIB National Identification Card.  This card, which is also my bus pass, is legal identification, yet many places do not accept it.  This drug store was one that did not accept it.

He continued to look through his system, I am not sure what the hold up was.  I was very clear that it needed to be generic medicine.  Because it is usually cheaper by $10 to $20.


But the druggist was still trying to find my son on his system, using the information I gave him.  I was sure he was concerned who was getting the Concerta?  Which is a stimulant that affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.  It helps calm my son down, allows him to focus.  Concerta also has a “street value” and people do sell individual pills.  How much?  I don’t know, nor do I want to know. My point is, perhaps the druggist was thinking that I was a druggie, or that I wanted to sell the med bit by bit, for a tidy profit.

Oh, did I mention that I was conversing with the pharmacist using pen and some paper?  I didn’t have an intervenor with me!   We were writing back and forth!

Until my Mum arrive, and asked me what is the hold up.  I voiced ID and signed my son’s name.  But, the druggist started talking to my mum, and she was plenty mad at him,  Why was he going on and on?  Did he think I was going to sell the med on the street?  His shocked expression show her that he never thought of that.

Finally he approved the script and away we went.  My mum told me via text that the pharmacist could not find the boy’s file or history on his computer.  Yes, it was a new location.  So my son would be a new client!

Had he asked me that important question, the right question, things would have turned out differently:

“Is this a new order? I cannot find you son in our system.  Thank you.”  He would have written to clarify.  To which I would reply; “Yes it is a new order with a new Rx,” I would have written back!

If he asked that at the start, he would have approached the situation differently.  I bet I would have left without pocketing his pen!

Me telling him “Mew Client” at the start of interaction did not occur to me at any point.

The pharmacist should have been a bit more understanding, more professionally garbed, and more clearly on the pad!

My wife did return to the store and got the completed script.

This situation would have been solved in another way that I hinted above: if I had an intervenor, I would have been more at ease conversing without wasting soo much paper!

Next up: a trip to Service Canada

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