Daddy the Ghost


I used a new line when talking with my children last week, I said “Do you think I am a ghost?”.

The story behind the quote:

One afternoon or evening, I was trying to get the boys to listen and do something important.  What exactly is lost in the annals of time.  In other words, I forget!  Essentially what happened was that I tried to sign with them, tried to get their attention to sign with them, tried to get their attention!  I started by waving, then calling their names, when they don’t reply, I clapped my hands.  Nothing worked as they kept jumping around and I blurted out “Do you think I am a ghost?”  To which the older boy signed “No” and gave me a hug!  After that, I was able to convey what I wanted him to do.  And then I was able to get through to the younger boy.

I have used that Divide & Conquer approach quite a few times. And that does work.

But, you know what?  Something just popped into my head… what if they are replying or acknowledging my attempts, maybe they are saying “What?” or “Yes Daddy’” while they are dancing around.  Well, that sure takes the cake!  I can’t hear their replies or see their signs unless they are fairly close.  Oh what a pickle I am in!

Remember my kids are both ADHD, both on calming medicine, both can sign fairly well.  But, when their 12 hour medicine wears thin, or expires entirely, that is when the struggle really intensifies.


So I can understand the expression “talking to a brick wall.”  Which implies that Someone is having a dialogue with another person who is either not listening, ignoring  Someone or just plain not aware Someone is talking.  This is an oft-used line within my world.  My wife uses it when talking to me and the kids, my mum used it when talking to me.  And now I know what it feels like, it can be very frustrating.  Like no one is there, like I’m telling this lovely wall to “Get its backpack ready for school!  Do it NOW!”  Yeah, I sometimes feel like a Ghost talking to a Brick Wall!


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