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I hope you are well!  I am pretty good!

I really appreciate when people read, and more so, when people comment on my articles.  Some comments are really heartwarming and that warms my heart!  Others are equally important.  I want to capture those comments, and maybe reply to them.

For example, some people were telling me about “Typical” and “Normal”… some people did not think they were interchangeable.  But, I feel they are: On a typical Monday, on a normal Tuesday…

I remember in grade 12 English in spring of 1988. I was listening to my teacher, which meant I missed almost everything, prattle on about this and that.  I was actually watching a drop of sunshine creep its way across the floor.  When, out of the blue, the teacher approached me and asked me to explain my “Typical Domestic Warrior” comment I used to describe my grandmother, who never had a job but was a housewife.  My dad told me to use that.

The teacher, seeing that I was drifting into slumber, put the spot on me, “What do you mean by ‘Typical’” she asked, loudly.

I stammered and spluttered “It means common.”

“What’s common?” was her comeback line.

“It is, like, normal,” I retorted, finally cottoning on.

“So, Typical and Normal are the same thing?” she loudly asked, as she stood right in fornt of my desk.

“Sure, yes, I think, ah-hum, I guess,” was the essence of my reply, I was probably trying to find that drop of sunshine again, or craving a smoke.  Probably both!

Her reply was impressed on me almost 30 years later, “Yes, a typical,” glances at my paper, “domestic warrior is the same as saying a ‘Normal housewife’…”

So that is why I use both typical and normal to mean the same thing.

As in 1988 and again in 1998, university, and now 2018, my conclusions still suck the monkey wrench.

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