Deaf-Blind moment #183

Good morning folks:

Last week, I am very far behind in daily blogging, my older son went to school wearing the same shirt twice!

I sometimes let my kids where the same pants two days running.  Underwear is changed regularly.  I often help them get dressed, saves me from coaxing them.

My son wore a shirt with a shark motif, which he liked a lot.  He liked it so much he wore it twice.  Well, there was a parent teacher meeting the second day.  My wife attended.  The teacher told my wife about the shirt, and my wife, when she arrived home, told me about it.  I did tell the boy to change his shirt in the morning, but the boy did not.  He actually said that I told him he can wear it again.

Why was this such a big deal?  I am sure you all know by now: his shirt was filthy!

dirty shsirt

I did not notice it being so dirty because I could not how dirty it was!

Blind fail!

Deaf fail: I did tell him to put on new shirt, I even tossed him a clean one.  I believe I signed it, but cannot recall.  He did not put it on, instead decided to continue wearing the shark shirt he wore the day before, and to bed.

Sadly, my boys do not listen very attentively to me.  I am trying hard to fix that by only voicing to get their attention, then signing.

Many of my Deaf-Blind friends with children all tell me that it is a struggle to get them to sign, and continuously.  So I am not alone in this struggle!  I must persist, and never give up!



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