Confessions of a Deaf-Blind serial vacuumer.

Was that eye-catching title or what?

Oh, Pun alert, eye-catching and vacuuming!  Same thing! D’oh!

I love my super strong, powerful vacuum!  Cost me, heck, I’m still paying for it, an arm and a leg!  But it can surely suck up some good gook!

When we were in Toronto, I used it sporadically, occasionally, because we had hardwood floors.  Now, I used it once a week, we have Carpets!

Being Deaf-Blind, I can’t see what I am vacuuming, the bits of dust are very small you see, so I go slowly and focus in one area at a time.  I can feel things going up the hose.

But, what if something gets stuck?  Being Deaf-Blind I have vacuumed whole rooms only to find that a lot of crap is plugging the hose and I was unaware of it!  I cannot see that R2 is missing things, and I cannot hear that the machine is stopped sucking.  The machine light, and the rug power bar light is on.  It is not until I take the rug power bar off that I notice nothing is getting sucked up!  Ugh!  I gotta un-stuck it!  Luckily, R2 has a powerful reverse feature, it can blow as well as suck!  After un-stuck-ing R2, I (grumble) re-vacuum the whole room again!  Sighs!

I also have ataxia, so I am bound to trip or fall over the vacuum, which I can R2, you can guess why.

I do like to vacuum while sitting on the ground, that way I can actually see what I am vacuuming.  I don’t want to miss a thing!

R2 is a wet-dry vacuum, and I have vacuumed some weird things:

  • spiders, ants, bugs
  • food, eaten or not
  • dishwasher garbage bin
  • spilled milk and salad dressing
  • animal fur by the truckload
  • bathtub drainage hair clogs (by far the grossest)
  • and your general lego or small toys!

Vacuuming can be a lot of work, but a lot of rewards!  Clean floors, kids and sinks!

What is the weirdest thing YOU vacuumed last week?


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