Being the last

So, I am Deaf-Blind, and all my family is hearing.

I am often told things last.  This is of no trouble, I eventually learn what is happening. Yet sometimes it can be bothersome, sometimes a relief, and sometimes funny.

I love my family!  And I always strive to be patient, with an easy smile, a hug, a high five. Being last to know is perfectly fine with me.  Just as long as I do know!

  • Many years ago, in the middle of a cold winter in Toronto, there were people visiting us, quite a few, well.  You know how it goes, small apartment, many people, smoking on the balcony, and all that jazz.  Well, tempers flared, pistons fired, communication was mixed-up, homework was left undone.  But the dishes where done with aplomb!  Son was spoiled rotten!  Things got fixed!  Good and bad!  I learned later, eventually, what really happened; words were used in the wrong way, tensions were high all around, and I was just a-smilin’! In light of my readers, this testimony is purposely vague and ambiguous.  Many people stayed at my tiny apartment from September 2008 to October 2012.
  • Just recently, we were heading out to dinner, we were driving to a favourite fish & chip shop (C-Lovers, the best Fish & Chips in Lower Mainland), when we stopped, my wife got out, then got back in, then we turned around and drove back home. Everyone seemed to know what and why, but me, nope.  As everyone got out, I sat there, nonplussed, until my wife told me “tire flat”!  Ooh!  That makes sense!  The thoughts of chowing down on some awesome battered fish swam away rapidly!
  • Many years ago, I went with friends to really fancy restaurant in Sacramento, California, this was with my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. There was about 7 of us, and me, who was again, the only Deaf-Blind person.  Now, most of this group can sign, fluently, but I was not told until later what happened and why we left after putting in a drink order.  The de facto group leader, had heated words with the server, who got the drink order wrong, and was, plainly being mean. So, the fearless leader decided to leave and refused to pay.  I didn’t learn this until we were walking to another restaurant.  Ms. Ex was yammering with Ms. Leader, and I was left out.  And, shortly after, Ms. Ex broke up with me.

So, you can see, I am told many things, later, and that it is fine with me.  I do not mind at all!

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