Good bye Toronto, Hello Vancouver!

This will be a short blog; just an update really.

After 13 years in Ontario, and 9 years in Toronto, my family and I relocated back to the Lower Mainland, Vancouver!

We are living with my mom in her “big” townhouse in a housing co-operative, with a goal to eventually move into a bigger unit.

As I grew up in Vancouver, I do know my way around the city.  I was excited to ride the new Evergreen Skytrain line!  Ages ago, it took over an hour to get from my home in Port Moody to the Expo Skytrain line.  Now, it takes like 10 to 15 minutes!  Quickly!

That is the biggest change I have seen so far!

I love that Skytrain seems include a lot of greenery at track level. There are trees and shrubs growing inside many of the newer stations.  Which were probably replanted post-construction.  It beautifies the landscape.  I really like it!

I need to really get back into the swing of constant blogging…

Expect more from me, next week!  This weekend will be taken over with reorganization of our stuff in this house, and the fact that our stuff from Toronto arrives!


Bear with me my readers!






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