Getting caught with my pants down!

Hi there,

A quick blog post, nothing fancy.

Last May I was able to join the YMCA gym at a really rock bottom price; free!  Why?  Details are so evasive, but lets just say I enrolled in some classes at an agency, and part of their package was free YMCA memberships.  Cool!

Now, I like a good workout with plenty of machines and lots of weights.  I like to say that once I leg pressed 360 lbs!  I have not been able to come close to matching that since.

Anyways, after a good workout, I need to sit in a hot tub to work off the pressure.

Most Y’s have normal membership but also a plus membership that includes hot tub, steam room and other amenities.  I have a normal (free) membership!

But, I was able to access the Plus area in one Y, the door code is easily posted, hey is that too obvious? on the inside of the door!  So, after using the hot tub once, I was able to return at least 7 times without a problem!

Until today that is: I was carded, but I had no card!

I had a full routine planned for these trips down: leave my ID in locker, drop shorts as soon as entering the room, to appear to be “already inside”, and then grab a towel.

Today, some lifeguard spotted me heading down the stairs, and when I didn’t return, alerted the “maitre ‘d” who approached me just after I removed my shorts.  We had a conversation, which was done by pointing and he caught me because he wanted my ID, but it was upstairs!

I held my ground for about 10 seconds, when I realized he would not budge.  I donned my shorts and went back upstairs, I didn’t let them take my dignity!

I guess my days of freeloading the hot tub are done!  Until I get a membership for the Plus room!


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