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Hello Readers!

This is the first outline, probably the first two or three paragraphs of one of my many stories I have in my head.

My rationale is: there are thousands of books, movies, TV shows etc, where the main characters are able bodied.  There are very few, that I know of, where the characters are disabled.

For example: What if James Bond was Deaf?  What if Jason Bourne had a vision loss?  What if Lara Croft ran on prosthesis (someone correct my grammar).  What if Harry Potter used a wheelchair to fight Lord Voldemort?

Sure, there are plenty of disabled characters, lets what I can do … Do enjoy and let me know if you want  me to continue.


Life was turning around, finally, for the Drybones family. After years of struggling to make ends meet, Harvey was at the end of his patience one day, in mid May.  Trying to spread the last of his peanut butter on a few pieces of bread to go with the soup that was to be the nights main dinner.  It was a struggle because Harvey Drybones was severely disabled, and unable to work.  His wife H worked, but not at a great job.  And their two kids were still in school.  Welfare was the way to go and so was food bank.

Harvey’s disability was three fold: Deaf, Blind with severe Ataxia made it impossible to get or keep a job.  Not that he did not try!

Our story begins one fine day is mid May, at the dinner table, with the scantly soup and sandwich’d evening meal at full blast.

“My favourite thing today was… Gym!” signed Kipper, our youngest son.

“What did you do in gym today,” Harvey signed back, “expand please.”

Kipper mimed playing tag with older brother Moose.

“Did you have gym together?” asks Ivana, also in sign.

Moose replies, “No, we not together.  We…”

Before he was able to finish that thought, all eyes went to the front door, except Harvey’s, who didn’t hear the knock, obviously, being Deaf.

Kipper ran to the door, cold soup forgotten easily.  Moose ran after.

Ivana caught them both, saying something Harvey didn’t understand, but probably something like: “I will get the door. Get back to the table!”

She opened the door and there was an exchange, Harvey looked curious and the kids were jumping around, then she got Harvey’s attention and signed “Come sign paper, UPS here for you.”

After signing a computer screen, the Guy in Brown hands me a letter.  Its not fancy or heavy, but it is a light blue.  And it’s addressed to me.

“Who from?” I sign, unable to read the return address.

“No idea… open it!”

Harvey does that, and unfolds the single sheet of paper which says, in large print:

Dear Mr. Drybones, I have been watching you and your family for a long time, you may not know who i am, and I won’t tell you, but I have seen you struggle with supplying your family and how much you have tried to work, please accept this cheque in hopes that you can make a fresh start and provide your family better.  Good Luck!

It was signed R.A.B.

Harvey looks at Ivana, who read it over shoulder, “Cheque? R.A.B.??”

Shock was the look that was on Ivana’s face.

Moose voiced “Mommy, …..” then he signed a long line of “0000000”.

Ivana grabbed the cheque and stared, then her knees buckled and she folded ungracefully backwards with a plop.  From the floor, she thrusted the cheque to like it was going to catch afire at any second.

“Aaaah, What?” said Harvey, disbelieveingly, “this cheque is for …”



That is part one… Obviously all names are fictional, yet they are close to my heart.

Let me know if you want the next part!!


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