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Hello folks…

According to WordPress, I haven’t written anything since July!  Egads!

This blog was originally written November 15, 2017, I am updating it and putting on my CAPOS page for your reading pleasure!

So, an update and then part A of CAPOS, in another blog entry.

My ataxia is noticeably worse… I’ve been “teetering” on the verge of falling, but manage to grab hold of something.   I am extremely lucky that there has been something to grab onto, a wall, a chair, an arm, my cane, anything stable.

ataxia skills

Because of that, I went out an got a walker.  I use it for when I’m out long days.  For short walks I don’t use it, or when I go to the gym. Yet, I did have a “I don’t need” it moment, discussion, with my wife, Carrie.  The thing was, is, I have always been independent in finding new ways to get from A to B, I enjoy walking new routes and seeing new things.  Yet, with a walker I need to plan ahead, avoid different routes, and so forth. I realize that this is a silly thing to worry about now!  I took White Lightning to work and it worked out just fine!

Other sidebar, I’ve spent 2o years with a white cane, and being able to part a sea of people with a few taps, but with the walker, I don’t have that ability.  And people look at me differently.

I’ve also noticed my keyboarding skills have deteriorated a bit.

This is thought provoking and helpful to me!

There are times when I feel that I need to work, to help support my family.  Then I either bang my head or fall or do a silly pinwheel off the bus, out a door or just standing there.  How can I work with that trippy mannerisms?

Probably the best way for me to sustain work is to get a job using a computer, and doing what I do best, typing.  Blogging comes to mind.


I’m putting time limits on my blog entries to get them done quicker.


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