Kids say the funniest things!

Hey everyone, This *will* be a short blog! Promise! In the days leading up to Christmas 2017, I took my boys to The House of Grandmother (two Mother live there)! My wife was occupied and could not make it. Having had a lovely dinner made by my mum, we were all chilling. The boys were […]

How I got to Firenze

Hey everyone! As mentioned yesterday, I made an impromptu trip to Firezne, better know as Florence, Italy!  How I got there was a mystery that I recently figured out! I was backpacking across Europe in the summer of 2000.  I started in London, England, then flew to Paris to hook up with my wife-to-be. After […]

Miscommunication in Italy!

Hey folks: Do you want to hear a miscommunication story that would leave you confused and not wanting to eat McDonald’s for a month? Let me tell you… In the Summer of 2000, I took a solo trip to Europe!  This was my reward for finally graduating from university!  After 10 years; long hours, low […]

What’s up with my walking?

A closer look at the way I walk, which is kind of weird. I rarely walk straight for more than a few feet.  Even with my walker, I still walk pretty “drunkenly!” This is based on two, or three things.  Let’s examine. If the surface is flat and uncluttered, I walk pretty straight-ish. But, if […]

Happy New Year

Hello my readers! Welcome to 2019!  Seems a weird number: 2019, as if one is counting backwards, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17.  Oh whatever! For me, 2019 will be a year of the blog!  And, hopefully, the year of the much awaited, seldom heard of, frequently ignored completion and publication of my future best-seller, […]