Why why

Why is it so hard to navigate the WordPress app? I have been on the app for 45 minutes looking for the Draft list!  Sure, I see the number in the circle beside the name of my blog.  Yet clicking on it does nothing!  I could not find any Drafts! Oh, and the fact that […]

Ferry sunset pictures!

Hey everyone! I was in Victoria, BC, on September 22 for ASL/LSQ Recognition.   I was a guest speaker… more on that in another blog… On the way back to Vancouver, I took these pictures… pretty stunning for a Deaf-Blind Guy eh?   The top picture shows a lot of dark clouds and dark sea/mountains.  Through […]

What can I see?

I  can see fairly good, yet I am a serious “blind spot” that can be almost anywhere! Take for example: Last week: I was at Walmart with a full cart of stuff, Thanksgiving was happening on Sunday, I had already paid for everything and was inside the store.  There was a bag eggs balanced on […]

Quarter past Four

Hey folks!   2400 × 2400 What is “Quarter past four”? Is it: 4:25 or 4:15? Let me tell you, this question was posed to me at the ripe age of 11, I believe.  And I failed! Back in the mid to late 70’s, us kids would walk to school, even kids as young as 5, without […]

How do you get in your car?

Hey folks! How do you get in your car? You probably open the door, then swing your leg in, plop your butt down on the seat, then swing the other leg in.  You might even close the door… Simple!  Right! For those with low vision, blind, partially sighted, Deaf-Blind, how do they get in a […]

a lot to catch up on!

Hello folks, I am very behind on the Daily Blogs! And also my stories!  Sheesh! I told my wife that when school starts, I would focus energy daily on my stories!  That was 5 weeks ago!  Yikes! Prelude to more productive blogging with the next blog!  

The Situation at the Police Station

Hey folks! In late August I needed to get a Criminal Record Check (CRC).  I had applied to be a volunteer.  Part of the requirements of volunteering is a clean criminal record! I don’t have any arrests, charges or even a parking ticket!  Phew! Yet, I had a bit of a hurdle in getting the […]