Life without an Intervenor

Now I will give you some insight into my world without an intervenor, Remember his name is Leo and he is a professional who helps a person who is Deaf-Blind experience visual and auditory information.  Leo is my eyes and ears. Pros of not having intervenor I  don’t have to put up with intervenors with lousy […]

Life with an Intervenor

Hi folks, As you know, I’ve moved from a city with intervenors to a city without.  We moved to be closer to my family.  And a new challenge in life.  It is a big challenge! Remember an Intervenor is a professional who helps a person who is Deaf-Blind experience visual and auditory information.  The intervenor […]

Differences Interpreter and Intervenor.

Hey now, hello all. My last article I nudged at the differences between an Interpreter and an Intervenor.  I will go further today, explaining more fully. An Interpreter is a professional who has completed college certification (some even have university degrees) in English to ASL and vice versa interpretation.  Plus, they usually have a certificate […]

accessibility from CAPOS

I started this article 19 days ago!  I must keep my posts rolling!  (Enough Candy Crush!) My topic today is about accessibility from my perspective.  The term Accessibility is so multi-sided and layered, it is like opening a big huge can of worms, er, pipe cleaners.  I must be positive!  Worms have a negative connotation. […]

CAPOS search

When I was living in Toronto, two months ago, I had a number of friends who were ataxic, ataxian is the common word.  Then I moved to Vancouver, I have yet to make any connections with ataxia groups, yet. That was on Friday. Over the weekend, I found the BC Ataxia Society, and immediately contacted […]

price tags

I bet most of you enjoy some sort of shopping, either for groceries, clothing, tools, computers, shoes et cetera.  I do too, I like finding cool things at low prices!  There are many accessibility issues herein. My vision is fairly poor, I can see where I am, but reading small print is beyond me. Okay, […]

Pecking order

Hi there, If you have school age children, you can see a different school system that when you went to school. In my day, there was teachers everywhere, librarians, principals, secretaries and janitors.  Educational Assistants were not present. When I was in grade 5, I had my first itinerary teacher for vision loss, and then […]