Mornings with a Deaf-Blind Dad

Good morning! Really, I feel that this topic is of no different than any other family. I mean, who in their right mind wants to wake up in the middle of November and head to work or school, when it is crappily dark out all day!  Not to mention the rain! But, all families with […]

What happens when

Hello there, Deaf-Blind clients use, or should, use Intervenors on a daily basis to assist with communication and information, in all kinds of situations without prejudice. Let me elaborate… Just a refresher, an Intervenor is a professional who works with Deaf-Blind clients by acting as their eyes and ears, by signing, tactile signing, fingerspelling, or […]

My role in life

Hi folks, Everyone should come to a realization, a revelation, on what their role is in life. And then they work on that project or goal.  Usually this happens in high school and then kids may go to university to focus on that particular goal.  And, maybe they are successful at that specific job or role, […]

Double saying

Who out there, I know there must be a lot of you, who say or do things twice, or three times? I am one of those people!  And it drives my wife batty sometimes. I would say to my wife: “Someone really likes the product you are selling.”  Then, 15 minutes later, I’d say “Did […]

Jerked on the Subway

What do you think is worse? Minding your own business, while eating a donut waiting for the approaching subway? Being violently jerked backwards from an approaching subway by someone behind you? Or hurling your half-eaten donut at the person who violently pulled you backwards? If you picked number 2 over the loss of a tasty […]

Vision on the Subway

Today was a wintry dry day in early March, Cool. I was already behind schedule, have chatted too long with my sitter, missing two buses, I finally did get on a bus, and slowly arrived at the subway station  20 minutes north.  I hurried down two flights of stairs to the subway platform,, out of […]