There is so much

Hey folks! There is so much to talk about! I don’t know where to start! For example: I’ve just found two people with CAPOS, one in my area, the other being somewhere in America.  They are both, apparently, old enough to vote. I’ve also found a group of people who are have children who have […]

A Sharpie

And so, the adventures of a Deaf-Blind dad continue! On a recent Saturday, my amazing wife was out all day, having scored tickets to Pink! I was with my boys all afternoon and evening!  And had an amazing time! We discussed what we would be doing, all in ASL! I gave them choices and they […]

Life of a busy S@HD!

Happens every time this past week! I sit down at the laptop to do an article on this blog, I open the WordPress site and go to my blog… ready to start working… Then I switch to my other duties, I have a few, and never get back to the blog! Today I vacuumed the […]

Thanks Translink!

I want to give a very big thank you to @Translink (Vancouver’s Transit authority) for finally improving visual next train announcers on the Expo Skytrain line. Skytrain opened on December 11, 1985 and has been growing since. The first line was from New Westminster to Waterfront station (downtown Vancouver), some time later, Columbia station was […]

200 articles

Hey folks! I just passed a milestone! 200 Articles posted! Which was 7 blogs ago!  This will be my 208th blog! To celebrate this milestone I am editing, updating and re-blogging some of my better blogs. A blog on Judging, A blog on bad experience shopping with an intervenor. The ever popular Power Chair Crash […]

Front Row

Hey folks, how are you all doing? I am wondering about something… Why is it that Deaf-Blind people automatically get front row seats? Even if they are unable to see, clearly, the action or communication. Recently, I’ve attended two performances: one of Prince Hamlet with Deaf actress Jodi Birley, and a workshop with World Federation […]