Prescription Mix-up

Hey folks! Cue the Brady Bunch theme song… (corny I know…) Here’s the story of a Deaf-Blind man Who was bringing up a confused situation… Oh cut the dumb soundtrack; it hardly fits the topic! You see, two weeks ago I made an appointment to see my Doctor for a bunch of things: two referrals, […]

Why did I stop?

Hey folks! Why haven’t I written anything in a good long time? I honestly cannot say!  Sometimes I would sit and play games on my phone or read news articles.  Meanwhile my ideas are gone, and my readers are going! I don’t understand!  The laptop is right there are available!  I have lots of great […]

Life is for learning

Hey everyone, just a quick blog… This song by Josh Groban is just out of this world!  I love it! If you have a dream, go chase it If you feel hope, don’t waste it If you find love, embrace it And never take a single breath for granted The story’s yours, go write it […]


Hey everyone! Just to let you know how my ataxia is getting on… It is getting on, downhill! Last week I had to take some pictures of a table leg (to be replace by my dad) and had to juggle the camera on my phone, while holding a crappy measuring tape… I did this by […]

Deaf-Blind and work

Hey folks: Below is a list of Reasons to hire Blind employees.  Yes I swiped it from someone, who copied from a someone else. A few notes: The List says Blind, I want to clarify that this does not always imply a full and total loss of vision.  There is a range, and many labels, […]


Hey folks! I am not sure about other Deaf-Blind people, but for me Snow is a bad word! Hey, Deaf-Blind peeps!  What is your opinion of snow? I recently read an article posted on about snow and persons with mobility disabilities.  In the article, a law student with mobility challenges, she uses a wheelchair […]

On the bus, the bus, the BUS!

Hey everyone! I’ve been an avid bus rider for my entire life.  I wonder why?  I think its because I can’t drive!  Yup, being Deaf-Blind means that driving is something I can’t do.  Not that I can’t drive!  I DO drive my wife crazy!  That is one of my best qualities!  And I can drive […]