School presentation

Hey my friendly readers! About a month ago, I was invited to my son’s school to talk about my “job,” whatever that is. But, sadly, I had to turn it down. Why?  Well, they had a hard time finding an interpreter for 20 minutes. I am Deaf-Blind and communicate using ASL.  If I went to […]

A story of Pizza

This is a story of a Deaf-Blind person buying pizza for his boys and himself. The first part is Without an intervenor. My boys had the day off school, so I decided to bring them with me to Deaf-Blind Drop In that happens each Friday. As it was getting on Lunchtime, I knew my boys […]

1982 Disability Rights case

Hey folks! Below is a long article from CBC titled “How Justin Clark’s fight for independence transformed disability rights in Canada” It is about a man, Justin Clark, born with cerebral palsy, who was raised in an institution, and took his parents to court.  He wanted very badly to leave the institution and live independently! […]

Bears on bikes!

Hey everyone: Close to my home in Port Moody, BC, there is a large area that is protected from development.  It is around the Burrard Inlet, and it is a watershed.  Plus there are a lot of bears! Through I have not seen any bear yet, or cougar or even a squirrel, they are there! […]

Blind moment 212

Greetings! Have you ever done this: Made yourself a cup of coffee, then added apple juice instead of cream?  Well that is not really a blind moment, just a overwhelmed blunder.  The apple juice was between the coffee cup and the Keurig, while the cream was in the fridge! Here is another: Have you made […]

I am Deaf!

Hey folks! I am Deaf right! I could not hear a siren or any loud noise unless my left ear is turned toward the sound! I’ve told you about this in Did you hear the fire truck post. Many times, and I often run out of fingers counting, I have been approached by people talking […]

Transit woes

Hey all! So this is a quick shout out to Translink, Vancouver’s transit authority! Just because I Deaf-Blind, doesn’t mean I have limited intelligence. Let me elaborate: Today, it was a typical Vancouver autumn day, rainy and very dreary. I am at Lougheed station waiting for the next train to Metrotown. While waiting for that […]