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  • A thank you!

    Hi there folks near and far, mostly far, some near! How are you today? Good? Great? Me? How am I? I just got out of a hot bath after walking the dog, it was kinda cold out this morning! So the heat is prodding me, especially my head! In other words I am good! Speaking […]

  • Did I ever tell you…?

    Technology has really moved super fast… Being Deaf, I first used a TTY to make phone calls; circa 1990s. I’m not going to bore you with useless information on Deaf history, aside from telling you that I did have, for a brief time, a large print TTY, that was actually the last one I had. […]

  • Can an intervenor do…

    Hi there everyone! Fresh off the fun escapades outlined in previous posts; I got LOTS of readers and many comments! Thank you! Today, I’m going to tickle your funny bone with this post, or at least I hope too! While an intervenor can do many things; supporting DeafBlind person with audio and visual info is […]

  • Part 5. Aftermath

    Hello! Very sorry to keep you waiting for the conclusion of my epic plunge into the depths of a local ditch! There are a few things that I’d like to point out, so I’ll do a listicle. “…there is nothing really wrong with the chair, everything is functioning smoothly. The only thing that needs to […]

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