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  • The Two & other irrelevant topics.

    Today, December 22, 2022, is an insufficient day, according to this blogger; might it be sufficient to you? Share! Yet, to a numerological point of view; this day will the last time there will be a lineup of twos, that is until 2222 AD! Actually, that lineup of twos happened twice this year; 02/22/2022 and…

  • Big Funds Disputed

    Hi there, I am making a comment here in relation to something I saw on TikTok the other day. I was trolling, flipping, thru TikTok and came upon an video essay on a renown celebrity who committed suicide. I am not going to name the celeb or the reasons behind the suicide, well other than…

  • Myth 2 explained – my view

    Yesterday, I posted an old list of Myths regarding persons with disabilities in the work force. I posed a question: Why do workers with disabilities actually work harder at a job than able-bodied workers. Now I offer you my understanding of the reasons… Drumroll please… The need to maintain gainful employment is the reason why…

  • The block…

    Hi there, you are in for a treat! Years ago, 28 to be exact, I wrote a little ditty for my housing complex’s newsletter. It was, the article not the complex, obtuse, crude, evidently written by a college student, detailing Sisyphean tasks that, to this day, I still struggle with. Will I ever publish my…

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