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  • Do with, not for

    Hi there! As yesterday’s Principles, I’m expanding a few points. Here I’ll delineate and enlighten you by elucidating my understanding of this maxim. This philosophy is the cornerstone to great intervenor services; which allows the DeafBlind person to be empowered and independent. Do with: The intervenor supports a DeafBlind person to accomplish a task. The…

  • Principles…

    Hey readers! Due to the super small font used in WordPress block editor, as well as Apple’s zoom doesn’t always work beneficially. I decided to work on articles elsewhere, then copy-paste. This explains the delay in getting the next series of succulent blogs to you! If you happen to know of a way to increase…

  • A look at three types of interpreters

    Good day readers: Years ago I came upon an article, probably a fact sheet, that explains the differences between intervenor and interpreters. There was no date, author or publication info on the article, so it was probably a fact sheet disseminated widely. Because no author, I’ve taken liberty to change things, add details, poke fun,…

  • The trunk

    Welcome to 2023! Happy New Year! I started this article late last year, early December in fact. Then promptly put it on the back burner; I encountered an overload of information. I’ve fixed it up… and Let’s free associate: what comes to mind when I say “Trunk”? Do you conjure an image of the cargo…

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