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  • Myth 2 explained – my view

    Yesterday, I posted an old list of Myths regarding persons with disabilities in the work force. I posed a question: Why do workers with disabilities actually work harder at a job than able-bodied workers. Now I offer you my understanding of the reasons… Drumroll please… The need to maintain gainful employment is the reason why […]

  • The block…

    Hi there, you are in for a treat! Years ago, 28 to be exact, I wrote a little ditty for my housing complex’s newsletter. It was, the article not the complex, obtuse, crude, evidently written by a college student, detailing Sisyphean tasks that, to this day, I still struggle with. Will I ever publish my […]

  • Myths of the work place

    Hi there, so I scanned another old document, one that I’ve had for ages;it is about Persons with Disabilities and the work they do. There is no date on the paper, but I’m surmising it is early to mid 1990s, so some of the wording is archaic, and stereotypical; sorry about that. Any comments? Let […]

  • The lady looked…

    Hi there everyone! Just a little blog, not too long, not too short, but dealing with an important topic nonetheless; ableism. And I started this blog two months ago. It’s almost completely done! Why didn’t I publish? Who knows! Ableism can mean a handful of things, basically it occurs when non-disabled people act superior to […]

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