Birthday wish

As my Birthday is tomorrow, I want to try something different!

I’m going to ask you two questions, and I’d really like all my friends to play, it would make my day! Go ahead and share!

Here is the game!

You meet your 25 year old self… How? A Time Machine? A DeLorean? a Time-turner? Whatever…

Here are the questions:
First: Tell me what year that is.
Second: You only have enough time to say five words: What will you tell yourself? I’ll go first:

I turned 25 in: 1993
Five words: Change majors! Psychology is useless!

Copy and paste, and have fun!!

2 thoughts on “Birthday wish

  1. Happy Birthday Craig all the best wishes to you and yours. I would have said to not take the path of life I did either. Leaving BC was hard but had to sort of at the time. I have spent further years in regret but can’t change it now. I am glad you are ok hope you have had your vaccine. Take care C


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