Ballad of a Falling Man – exerpt

a bit of action reading after your thanksgiving weekend…

Harvey is withdrawing $500 from a shady convenience store ATM….

Approaching it, Harvey puts his cane out of sight, takes out his bank card and it in the machine. As $500 rolls out, if Harvey could hear, in a noisily shuffle of 25 $20 bills.

And if he could hear, he may have reacted differently to the approaching person. Yet, Harvey’s nose worked, a bit late, as he smelled something disgusting, like a chain smoker, where, three seconds ago, there was nothing but stale back of store air.

Somethings wrong, he thinks, as he turns, with money still in hand, to face one of the guys from the front, who just grabs the money, and turns to run!

“NO!” Harvey screams and grabs the closest thing to him: which happens to be a 2l can of Heinz Tomato juice, and throws it like a football!

And, heaven help us, it smacks the guy in the back of the head!  If Harvey could see, a large ostrich egg is blooming at the back of the thugs bald head.

He crumples to the floor with Harvey’s cash flowing freely.

Harvey grabs his cane, rushes to the goon and starts scooping up his money, heart beating out of his chest!

if you want more, let me know!

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