Ballard of a falling man: Part 2

So, I’ve decided to rename the story from its original “a true story”, which it is not, to a something thatpopped into my head yesterday!

In case you missed it, the last few lines of part one are:

Ivana grabbed the cheque and stared, then her knees buckled and she folded ungracefully backwards with a plop.  From the floor, she thrusted the cheque to like it was going to catch afire at any second.

“Aaaah, What?” said Harvey, disbelieveingly, “this cheque is for …”



…  $150,000.24!”

Well, Harvey stood a minute longer staring at the cheque!  then, as expected, screamed!

“What! Who? WHY?!” was the extent of his ramblings!

Crouching down to Ivana, they hugged and cried and and that brought in Grandma Sylvia, who asked “What is all the racket about?  Was dinner that bad?”

Grandma S can’t sign very good, but Ivana, in gasps and hugs, explained what the “racket” was, Grandma S was super excited too!

Then, she pointed out, logically, “are you sure this is legit?”

Ivana, deflated a bit, and using signs, told Harvey what Grandma S said.

Harvey deflated quicker than a water balloon hitting a brick wall.  “It must be!”, he signed demandingly, “Why should it not be?!”

Grandma S, the voice of reason, said, “Don’t get your panties in a knot, go get it checked out to see if it is real or a fraud. if it is not good, then you can just go along in your usual way, but if its real, then you can celebrate!  I’ve been around the block a few times, so I’m wary!”

As Ivana signed this to Harvey, Grandma S gestured “Go!”

So, abandoning the stale bread and now cold soup, The Drybones clan ran for the bus, Kipper and Moose running to keep up with the running man in the walker.  Ivana yelled “Stop!” which Moose grabbed Harvey and signed “Mommy Stop!”

“What?! Oh we forgot the cheque!”

Kipper ran back and snatched the cheque from Grandma S’s hand and ran, catching up to and giving it to Harvey.

“Phew!  That was kinda silly!” he said, with a facepalm.

They took the prized prize to three banks and one cheque cashing store.  Every place confirmed the cheque was really a cheque worth $150,000,24!

All banks advised us to deposit, it now, and the cheque cashing offered to cash, minus their 10%.  Like we’d be dummies and carry around 1400 hundred dollar bills and a quarter!  Very bright!

We returned to our bank, and deposited the cheque.  Waiting 5 days for it to clear was maddening!

But, in the mealtime, we were able to enjoy something better than stale bread and stone cold soup!  We had Harvey’s!


Every Tuesday I will be writing on this story…

What you see here is just the draft and I will put more of it together.  Plus will expand and make it into  a book… So, don’t go stealing my idea now!  haha!


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