Sign Language

Five-Star Disability

Hello everyone!

Last week I dealt with Hearing, the good, the bad and the useless.

Now, I am going to focus on Sign Language, American Sign Language, which is what I use to communicate with.

Growing up, my most common word spoken was probably “What?” (I like to think that now it is not, but my wife might offer a different opinion).  I did get by, but had a lot of problems, I would misunderstand or misinterpret what was said to me.

Once, my mom told me to get a bus at quarter past 5, which I missed by ten minutes because I figured “quarter past” 25 minutes, not 15!  Needless to say, I got good exercise walking from that bus stop all the way down Mary Hill from Paula Place and Eastern to the barber shop on Shaughnessy Street just past Elgin street in Port Coquitlam. Long walk for…

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