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  • Take the risk, but not the intervenor

    Hi there, This is the final elaboration of the Principles of intervenor services. Today I’m looking at risky or dangerous situations. DeafBlind persons are just like everyone else, they might want to do something risky, could be a simple as jaywalking, or trying a very shady pub or trying a super spicy hot sauce. The…

  • No intervenor, no worry

    Continuing my series dealing with Principles of intervenors; thank you for returning! Today, we’re going to look at life without an intervenor. Even Mae Brown, Canada’s Helen Keller, did not have an intervenor 24/7. And I’m very sure Haben Girma did not have support every single moment within Harvard Law. Those three figures, had support…

  • Do with, not for

    Hi there! As yesterday’s Principles, I’m expanding a few points. Here I’ll delineate and enlighten you by elucidating my understanding of this maxim. This philosophy is the cornerstone to great intervenor services; which allows the DeafBlind person to be empowered and independent. Do with: The intervenor supports a DeafBlind person to accomplish a task. The…

  • Principles…

    Hey readers! Due to the super small font used in WordPress block editor, as well as Apple’s zoom doesn’t always work beneficially. I decided to work on articles elsewhere, then copy-paste. This explains the delay in getting the next series of succulent blogs to you! If you happen to know of a way to increase…

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