Little trouble

Hey folks! I found this entry into a journal of mine way back in October, 2018.  It slipped my mind as soon as I got home! Blog about the trouble at TKD. TKD means Takwondo. The incident in particular was about me picking up a reimbursement cheque. My youngest son had shown an aptitude for […]

My son!

My gosh, I started this in summer of last year, and never did get around to completing it! Was I distracted by lunch?  I know I am now! Be Right Back! I am back, stuffed to the gills with my Wife’s amazing homemade Chili! Hey folks! Recently my son has come to the realization that […]

Sweeping the floor

Hey all! I have a serious question: How do blind, partially sighted or low vision individuals sweep the floor? It drives me batty to sweep the floor, only to step on something that was missed! In an ataxic moment, I accidentally dumped a box of cereal onto the floor; most of it stayed in the […]

Blind moment #128

Hey folks… Sorry for the delay! I promised more daily blogging, only to be doing it sporadically! Gotta get in a groove! Anyways! Blind moment #128… Last week, I was sitting at my dining room table, wasting time on some arcane game or reading some useless information on Facebook.  While I was doing that, my […]


Hey everyone… So, I’ve found some new CAPOS people, and, I’m not sure if that increases the number of CAPOS individuals worldwide, or Craigwide? As I am finding new people and new information about CAPOS. My knowledge continues to grow! My lovely wife found a CAPOS family in Isreal! Maybe there is more than 29! […]

Store discrimination

Hey folks!  How are you doing? Have you been shopping at grocery stores that require you to Bag your own purchases?  I am sure there are a few different brands, the ones that I know of are No Frills & Food Basics. If you have shopped there, or other You Bag stores, I am sure […]

Prescription Mix-up

Hey folks! Cue the Brady Bunch theme song… (corny I know…) Here’s the story of a Deaf-Blind man Who was bringing up a confused situation… Oh cut the dumb soundtrack; it hardly fits the topic! You see, two weeks ago I made an appointment to see my Doctor for a bunch of things: two referrals, […]