I’m back!

Hey everyone! Just want to tell you that Mothers all over the world really do a great job to support their children!  I won’t go into details… As there are way too many to count! Love to my Mum, Mom in law and, especially, the Mommy of my children! — Next up: Pictures in Rome… […]


Good morning everyone! I hope you are well … on your way … Do you know what that word above means? I often spell it as Nastygums! Winks… It is a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. These movements often result in reduced vision and depth perception and can affect balance […]

Art for the Blind…

Hey faithful readers! 19 years ago, I was in Paris!  It was my reward for almost ten years of college & university!  I was also in London, Berlin, Prague, North Italy & Rome! I said this before; I should do blogs for all of the fun (and non-fun) things that happened to me while on […]

Canadian Deaf-Blind Camp

Hey everyone! In the this series, I am going to enlighten you about the wonderful experiences I had at the Canadian Deaf-Blind Camp! The picture is me wearing a crazy hat for Sunday night Crazy Hat Party!  I designed it, and my wife made it! I will have a blog for each day of Camp! […]

The week in CAPOS history

Oh hi there! Actually that title is misleading because it is not historical, but this week!  And let me tell you, it was a crazy week! Now, the stuff in this blog is romanticized to be less pointy, and more explanatory. If you are a parent, do you like to discipline your child from unruly […]

Oh boy

My dear readers! You think I’ve gone and left you? Well, it is far from the truth!  Last week I was in Winnipeg for the Second annual Canadian DeafBlind Camp, and I had a blast!  This camp is unique because it brought together people from across the country for a week of fun, games, learning […]