Talking, or Why I Sign

Why do I sign? Why do I use American Sign Language as a form of communication? When I was younger, oh about 34 years back, I was quite loquacious, talkative, chatty.  To specific people, mainly teachers or family and friends. During elementary school, and the first year of junior (today’s middle) school, I was quite […]

What’s it all about?

Hey folks! What is it with able-bodied people and giving up their seats to elderly or disabled people? Yes, do continue this practice!  It is quite convenient! For me, sometimes I do want/need to sit on transit.  Standing on the bus, which can stop suddenly or round corners at breakneck speed, it is not ideal […]

There is so much

Hey folks! There is so much to talk about! I don’t know where to start! For example: I’ve just found two people with CAPOS, one in my area, the other being somewhere in America.  They are both, apparently, old enough to vote. I’ve also found a group of people who are have children who have […]

A Sharpie

And so, the adventures of a Deaf-Blind dad continue! On a recent Saturday, my amazing wife was out all day, having scored tickets to Pink! I was with my boys all afternoon and evening!  And had an amazing time! We discussed what we would be doing, all in ASL! I gave them choices and they […]

Life of a busy S@HD!

Happens every time this past week! I sit down at the laptop to do an article on this blog, I open the WordPress site and go to my blog… ready to start working… Then I switch to my other duties, I have a few, and never get back to the blog! Today I vacuumed the […]