Good morning everyone! I hope you are well … on your way … Do you know what that word above means? I often spell it as Nastygums! Winks… It is a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. These movements often result in reduced vision and depth perception and can affect balance […]

Art for the Blind…

Hey faithful readers! 19 years ago, I was in Paris!  It was my reward for almost ten years of college & university!  I was also in London, Berlin, Prague, North Italy & Rome! I said this before; I should do blogs for all of the fun (and non-fun) things that happened to me while on […]

Canadian Deaf-Blind Camp

Hey everyone! In the this series, I am going to enlighten you about the wonderful experiences I had at the Canadian Deaf-Blind Camp! The picture is me wearing a crazy hat for Sunday night Crazy Hat Party!  I designed it, and my wife made it! I will have a blog for each day of Camp! […]

The week in CAPOS history

Oh hi there! Actually that title is misleading because it is not historical, but this week!  And let me tell you, it was a crazy week! Now, the stuff in this blog is romanticized to be less pointy, and more explanatory. If you are a parent, do you like to discipline your child from unruly […]

Oh boy

My dear readers! You think I’ve gone and left you? Well, it is far from the truth!  Last week I was in Winnipeg for the Second annual Canadian DeafBlind Camp, and I had a blast!  This camp is unique because it brought together people from across the country for a week of fun, games, learning […]

Deaf-Blind Parenting!

Hey friends I found an article here; you might have read it, or not.  It is a general interview with a DeafBlind Mom, Debra Kahn, and her life.  It is a good read, it deals with almost everything that a DeafBlind parent would experience on a daily basis!  Make sure you enjoy it! Getting back […]

Getting to Winnipeg!

Hey everyone! To start the CDBC blog series, I must inform you HOW we got there! We, myself and three Deaf-Blind friends, had a minor set back! We each arrived at the airport in our own ways, and speedily went through check in an through security.  No problems!  We did not have intervenors, but the […]